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New shows / available for booking!

February 7, 2013

Now that the new record is being finalized, bookings for MCB are back in full effect! MY CITY BURNING is available for club shows and festivals (and living room shows, if your offer is awesome enough)


16.02 – LatenStaan, Zoetermeer (NL) - headline show
16.03 – De Duycker, Hoofddorp (NL)- headline show
22.03 – Het Bolwerk, Sneek (NL) w/ Backfire!, Length of Time (BE)
30.03 – JC Solution, Hillegom (NL) - headline show
30.04 – TBC (D)
01.05 – Ebrietas, Zürich (CH) - headline show
02.05 – TBC (IT) - headline show
03.05 – TBC @ Hibou, Chatillon (FR) – headline show
04.05 – TBC @ Manhattan, Torino (IT) - headline show
05.05 – TBA (D)
25.05 – Prison Riot @ Knast, Magdeburg (D) - co-headline show w/ AYS (D)

Dates are being filled as we speak.
If you want to bring MY CITY BURNING to your town (or festival), get in touch with for dates & possibilities

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MCB Japan tour in July

May 28, 2012

So in the awesome news department; My City Burning will be touring Japan in July! Prepare the karaoke machines and sake!!

05.07.12 – Ginza Suki Bar, Tokyo (JP)
07.07.12 – Super-Deluxe, Tokyo (JP)
08.07.12 – Earthdom, Tokyo (JP)
09.07.12 – Club Zion, Nagoya (JP)
11.07.12 – Kingcobra, Osaka (JP)
13.07.12 – Antiknock, Tokyo (JP)

MCB Japan tour 2012

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First shows with new songs this weekend!

March 16, 2012

The last 3 months it’s been quiet on the MCB front. The guys seemed to have fallen off the edge of the earth, swallowed by some monster (*insert ‘your mom’ joke*), or worse; have gotten office jobs! Nothing’s further from the truth. Whilest you were counting the days and burning candles, MCB was busy writing new tracks for the upcoming record!

Here’s the kicker; we will be playing SIX (6!) NEW SONGS live, starting this weekend! That’s pretty much half the set, man! “HAVE THEY GONE, MAD?! WHO WILL SAVE US NOW?!” Indeed.
So this weekend it’s party time! Come check out what we think is the new what’s hot at:

- Friday 16 March – The Stage, Arnhem
w/ AZRIEL (UK), Through the Struggle (THAT’S TONIGHT!)

- Sunday 18 March – Winston, Amsterdam
w/ Manu Armata, Screw Houston, Start Screaming!


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MCB T-shirt Design Competion!

February 16, 2012



Are you a designer, a painter, a pencil artist, or just an Idiot Savant with a tendency to draw with anything other than blood, then check this out!

We are giving away some cool free stuff for the person that comes up with the most awesomemememest T-SHIRT DESIGN to sell on our upcoming summer shows. Head over to to see what it’s all about!

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